The TexelQ Building


TexelQ provides global state-of-the-art design and manufacturing services which produce highly engineered solutions for various industries. This allows us to help you move from concept, to design, to prototyping, and to manufacturing & assembly.



  • US based Sales Office/Engineering – North American Point of Contact
    • TexelQ offers a single point of contact within North America. We have the necessary talent through our sales and engineering office in North America to manage your project from concept to full production.
  • Our local representatives are seasoned engineers, bringing technical expertise and understanding to work for you.
  • Our goal is to listen to your needs and provide solutions for all complex designs.
  • We recognize our product design requirements, delivering the right solution to you at the right time.
  • We collaborate across business arenas: system designers, engineering firms, machining and manufacturing companies.

TexelQ excels in reverse engineering requirements through thoughtful analysis of clients’ products. By utilizing complex surfacing techniques to build accurate 3D models and capturing data, we can ensure a quality end product. Our engineers bring technical proficiency and reliability to every project. Our engineering knowledge extends across a variety of industries:

  •        Automotive
  •       Medical
  •       Commercial vehicle
  •       Construction
  •       Agriculture
  •       Aerospace
  •       Defense
  •       Industrial equipment