TexelQ Product DevelopmentConcept Planning

The highest degree of front end planning ensures quality guidelines are met every time.

  • Cross functional focus on scope definition.
  • Comprehensive study of customer requirements and feasibility assessments.
  • Clear identification of design intent.
  • Detailed formation of process flow charts and product characteristics.
  • Preliminary delivery of Bill of Materials and product assurance plans.

Product Design and Development

Our product designs are grounded in sound data and solid fact finding, not guess work.

  • Robust review of engineering requirements and critical technical or system information.
  • Thorough analysis of Initial manufacturing execution plans, service path assembly and FMEA.
  • Initial prototype building.
  • Extensive design verification and review.
  • Systematic recording of engineering documents, proofs and specifications.

Process Design and Development

Vigorous process development guarantees customer needs are 100% satisfied.

  • In-depth system review of product and process quality.
  • Implementation of process flow chart, instructions and process FMEA.
  • Form system layout and characteristics matrix.
  • Creation and assessment of packaging and delivery standards and specifications.
  • Establish pre-launch control plan.

Product and Process Validation

Exhaustive product and process evaluation means early problem detection and resolution.

  • Thorough evaluation of flow charts and control plans.
  • Methodical checking of customer requirements through process entirety.
  • Full production trial run and validation testing.
  • Approval of production parts and packaging.
  • Confirmation of quality planning sign off.

Design Enhancement Planning

All-encompassing quality review provides valuable insight for future development.

  • Full review and measurement of customer requirements.
  • Confirmation and documentation of meeting/exceeding customer requirements.
  • Evaluation of meeting delivery and service requirements.
  • Appraisal and reduction of unwanted variation.
  • Implementation of any needed corrective action.