TexelQ manufacturing engineering services

In the last several years, many manufacturing companies have undergone significant restructuring and reductions in force continuing to keep a keen eye on headcount. As the mantra “do more with less” has become the norm, utilizing Engineering Services like TexelQ Engineering has become quite attractive. With a broad portfolio of services and the right blend of US and Indian Engineers and Program Managers, TexelQ is the ideal extension of your permanent engineering department. We provide personalized, local Program Management coupled with our Indian Design Center to provide high quality service at extremely attractive rates.

engineer service TexelQ
The workload on an engineering or design department is quite fluid and utilizing TexelQ to address surges in design, CAD and project workload will streamline your department efficiency without adding permanent headcount. Additionally, with our extensive network of industry professionals, TexelQ can bring specific experience to the table when you are struggling with problems outside of your core knowledge-base.

In addition to “peak shaving” of engineering demands, TexelQ also offers Complete Program Management services utilizing APQP experts to locally manage your special projects combined with our blended US/Indian engineering team. We cover your project needs from Concept, Design, FEA/CFD Analysis, Prototyping, DV Testing and Redesign through to PV Testing and Production.

Lastly, what separates TexelQ from other Engineering Service providers is that you will deal directly with local Engineers and Program Managers for effective communication while enjoying the cost and lead-time benefits of our Indian Design Team.

Please contact us to discuss your engineering and project needs.

We look forward to helping your company succeed in todays world!

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