TexelQ maintains experienced, in-house engineering capabilities to provide a single source for new product development. We take pride in organizing and protecting our clients’ intellectual property from 2D/3D ideas to fully functioning prototypes, while also being mindful of budgets and the importance of shrinking time to market.

Engineering Design

  •    Design and Engineering Assessments
  •    Product Design/Development
  •    Process Design/Development
  •    Product/Process Validation





At TexelQ engineering services cover the entire process from specifications to content, concept, design prototype and production. We focus on feasibility, functionality and quality to create optimal designs for customers.

Digital Services

  •       Product design – 3D models for evaluating fit and function and solid modelling
  •       Reverse engineering – 3D scanning and reverse engineering to create accurate, cost-effective replication of existing product for design enhancements or improvements on components including castings, stampings and sub-assemblies
  •       2D drawings – Bill of materials and 2D exploded views of assembly
  •       Conversion – 2D-3D and software conversion
  •       Software expertise:
    • CATIA
    • SolidWorks
    • Pro/E
    • AutoCAD


TexelQ PrototypeTEXELQ have the facilities for producing functional prototype and limited production parts and tooling for the automotive industry through a network of tool room and fabrication facilities.

TEXELQ and the group company American Metal Technologies management team and employees are knowledgeable in all areas of manufacturing prototypes and limited production parts and tooling.

We can provide concept to completion solutions in design, build and evaluation of prototype and production tooling, rapid tooling, fixtures and models in different materials.



CAD Services

TexelQ CAD Services

TexelQ CAD Services cover the entire process from content to component design. We focus on feasibility, functionality and quality to create optimal designs for our clients. TexelQ engineers follow the APQP process.

Services include:

Product design – We generate 3D models available for evaluating fit and function.

3D scanning and reverse engineering – TexelQ uses reverse engineering to create accurate, cost-effective replications of your existing product through reverse engineering. This enables the client and engineering team to design enhancements or modifications. Reverse engineering services can be done on various metal components including:

  • Castings
  • Stampings
  • Sub-assemblies

2D drawings and drafting – We provide product, concept or patent drawings per our client’s specifications. TexelQ’s extensive 2D drafting services covers:

  • Corrections to existing 2D drafts
  • 2D exploded views of an assembly
  • Engineering Change Request (ECR)
  • 2D drafts or manufacturing drawings using reverse engineering
  • Perspective projections from 3D models
  • 2D details from 2D Assemblies or vice-versa
  • BOM (Bill of Material)

2D-3D Conversion – TexelQ supports data conversion in these formats:

  • AutoCAD
  • Pro/E
  • SolidWorks, and others